From the recording The Color of Me


Credit cards & parking lots
& cigarettes outside my door last night.
I couldn’t see I couldn’t tell if you were waiting long I
accidently lost my face I put it somewhere now I can’t find it
will you help me find my face or is it my faith
will you help me find my soul I think I lost it again
is it on the shelf next to the beets
underneath the pots that are not clean
I need to wash them
I’m leaving up to you so you can see my life
it’s the life I’ve chose but that’s not always right

I love you please don’t go and walk away
I’ll pick up the pieces and I’ll finally find a way to make it home
I love you I love you
is it the words you long for or is it just the day I need to know

Black & red & green & orange
are the colors of my love for you today
I’m up and down I’m turning backwards in the hall right now
I meant to call I should’ve called
I cut my finger now I’m bleeding
can I find a band-aid have you got one I need a band-aid