1. One Chance

From the recording Surrender the Fantasy

Lead Guitar-Jake Wankel


I barely know what words to say, I always seem to find a way,
I know that I can’t live with out you now
You bring out all the best in me, I’ve never felt so full and free
Sometimes I think you’re going to runaway

I’ve been waiting all my life
Just to be with you, Yea
Tell me that you won’t me here
I’m looking for the clues

Just give me this one chance, I want to be with you
I want to be only one, yea
And help me understand, the way you feel right now
Cause I don’t want to leave you here

Please take my hand and understand the words I say they are not planned
They’re coming from my heart and not my head
If you could see inside me my dreams of you then naturally
I wouldn’t be afraid to loose you now

Please don’t go away, please believe in me
I need some help with love, with you it’s naturally
I haven’t got much time, just give me this one chance
And help me with this need, I’m begging you please
I’m begging you please…………….