1. Simple Man

From the recording The Color of Me


See the woman at the station
look real close cause she’s a man
where will she go when she runs
see the fat man at that the table
he so angry at everyone
where does he go when he runs
see the preacher on the TV
he wants money from everyone
where will he go when he runs

I ain’t nothing but a simple man
I keep on trying and I do what I can
will you help me find my way
it’s getting stranger everyday
like pins and needles in my hand
I’m putting my finger in the fan

politicians in the paper
always promise everything
where do they go when they run
see the doorman with all the tattoos
he’s got holes from ear to ear
where does he go when he runs

in the mirror I’m slowing aging
but I’m happy for everyone
where will I go when I run